1. Scraping the bottom of the barrel, trying to game the shipping costs, paying for processing is crimping my style #filmphotography

    All my cameras are broken. Why do you betray me, film? Back to B&W, the layers of colors are confusing to me.

  2. not as creepy as it looks

    Where is everyone? Living their own lives. This is it for today.

  3. Rip Van Wrinkle, or so I’m told.

    Digging through the woods, dodging ticks and poison oak. Not like the good old days when it was all, “Bring on the Lyme disease, city slicker.” SF softened me, hardened me in others, but the mushy core remains the same.

  4. The world is tilted or I am #filmphotography

      The dry cleaner is abandoned. “Cancer,” Mama says, voice lowering in the way boomers have when speaking the c word.

  5. little lake valley, which will be a lake no more

    So they are building a bypass through this. As with everything, everyone has an opinion. Up here on the hill, it’s universally reviled as a needless destruction of natural beauty and a CalTrans boondoggle.

  6. willits cafe

      The myth associated with this cafe is: This is the site of my parent’s first date, a late night coffee at the tail end of a party.

  7. worst house on the block

    Poison in the wood, seeps into the core of the place. It’s for sale, for those not faint of heart.


  8. yellowblueyellowblueyellowblue

    Memories of hamburgers, past and future eats. Stripes of many hues.


    I will miss the cheap greasy hamburgers from the 101 drive thru. Oh the curly fries. I’ve noticed a theme in my food obsession which is: Greasy! Fried! Stuff to make Mama say, “Maaaaaaaa.”

    If some people’s bodies are temples, mine is a junkyard. I’ll get back in a more active thing (ha!) so when I’m not chained to a car. Or a desk. Or when I’m dead.

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  9. Spirit animal. Best corn dogs. Cotton candy anxiety #filmphotography #believeinfilm

    My spirit animal is on the right. The corn dogs were amazing. I stared at the cotton candy for too long before sanity overtook me and I moved on.

  10. harry x-mas

    I can’t remember what the name of this auto parts store was. I do remember that they came to life in a Simpsons Halloween special.

  11. tornado tilt a whirl

    A small eyelash floating in the sky. I didn’t clone it out because I don’t know. As the ride was started, a drunk mom screeched, “That’s my family, let me on!” There was some awkward flirting(?) with the ride operator.

  12. round and round

    A rather lovely and new carousel. The kid is delighted.