1. good fortunes

    More backlog from Japan.

  2. gold bond stamps #willits #hilllife #oldsigns

  3. golden gate park walk

    I’m not sure what side is up. Still catching up on scanning, I’m almost a year behind.


  4. catching up on scanning


  5. misc. scan catching up on


  6. This song kills my brain. In a good way.

    (Source: Spotify)

  7. printing never ends #holycrapitsanartshow #alleycatbooks #sanfrancisco

  8. art show

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  11. winter

    winter http://wp.me/s24oth-winter

    back in the place of forming, wonder how it is that i came from this. bark, moss, centipede, ice. these are the things that make me.

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  12. icy ice #willits #crazyclimate